Chairman’s Report


The Society

The Society was constituted on September 4th, 1985.  It is a Registered Charity – No. 576875, with an Executive Committee of ten members.  It met eleven times during the year.  The Society’s website is:  Our President is Professor Dai Smith, C.B.E.


  • Enflowerment – The Society aims to use the natural beauty of flowers to enhance our surroundings. For some years we have been planting Spring bulbs. Last year’s planting of crocuses at Tylorstown Sports Centre, especially, provided a fine show of colour this Spring. Earlier plantings of daffodils along the Maindy Road between Ton Pentre and Treorchy continued to bloom well. It is noticeable that clumps of daffodils, scattered with a small handful of cheap Growmore fertilizer as leaves begin to break through in early Spring, do flourish well. Our tubs, planted and cared for by volunteers, are a welcome feature and, this year, we hope to place another new tub in the Rhondda Fach.
  • Legacy – We continue to keep an eye on our legacy of earlier projects and have been in discussion with the Council over some dilapidation, minor vandalism and littering at the Miner’s Family Statue in Llwynypia. Progress is being made.
  • Talks – Phil George’s talk “For the Benefit of All – the future of the Arts in Wales” was given to a packed hall in May 2018. We feel it was directed at a growing appreciation and interest in the Arts in Rhondda, as evidenced bvy the success of the Rhondda Arts Festival at the end of June 2018. An appreciative audience of 50-60 listened to David Maddox’s account of Rhondda’s contribution to the Great War and, this evening, we look forward with anticipation to Steve Mackey’s discussion that would open out following the completion of the re-opening of the 3 kilometre Rhondda – Blaencwm to Blaengwynfi Tunnel.
  • Publications – Our interesting and colourful twice-yearly Newsletter is available through the Rhondda Libraries. We have re-printed the Willie Llewellyn leaflet and copied and distributed two documents on Rhondda’s listed buildings. Our website – – is well kept up-to-date. Folders for Members are in preparation.
  • Blue plaques – With support from the Council, a plaque to the footballer, Roy Paul, has been put up in Smith Street, Gelli.
  • Social Events – A Quiz at the end of March in the RAFA Pub was much enjoyed and raised £150 for the Society. A ‘Poems and Pints’ event is scheduled for November.
  • Walk – On Sunday, September 1st 2019, we plan to walk from the Rhigos Road, following the ridge overlooking Llyn Fach, to our Willie Llewellyn Memorial.


Members of the Committee put a great deal of effort into keeping our website( up to date and publishing our twice-yearly (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) Newsletter. Some of our events are well covered on television and in the Rhondda Leader.




(Signed)         David Lewis

CHAIRMAN 2018-19